Make a positive impression on your visitors, tenants and employees with a beautiful and clean property. Our maintenance teams will keep your property looking its best year-round.

Turf Management

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  • At DynaServ, we recognize the importance of regular maintenance and proper care of turfgrass. DynaServ’s landscaping professionals conduct thorough turf and soil diagnostics to determine current plant and lawn health.
  • After a detailed analysis of diagnostic results, we create individualized care plans that aim to maximize turf conditions and appearance in any location.
  • We use the best lawn care practices to perform eco-friendly fertilization and seeding services. We also provide full service mowing, edging, blowing, and trimming services to maintain healthy turfgrass.

Integrated Pest Management

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  • DynaServ’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach includes suppressing pest populations to eradicate them. We thoroughly scout for the pests, have an understanding of different pest life cycles and work to properly control them while preventing lawn and ornamental and tree damage
  • Our team of experts have all the tools necessary to proactively manage the IPM program for any type of customer account. Our experts are continually trained, certified, and licensed to work in any exterior environment.
  • Our weed control team is trained to inspect and analyze weed species to ensure that the proper chemicals and amounts are used to effectively minimize weeds. When we perform fertilization, our Divisional-Licensed leader will assess the site and develop the proper blend of chemicals in order to maximize foliage color and minimize weed growth providing our clients with green healthy lawns.

General Cleaning

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  • You can trust in Dynaserv’s landscaping experts to provide routine ground maintenance and cleaning services to enhance lawn appearance and mitigate potential risks and damage to your property.
  • We perform weekly maintenance services including parking lot sweeping, trash and debris removal, and litter pickup to keep lots accessible and clean.
  • We are fully-equipped to handle reactive and emergency cleaning assignments, including illegal dumping removal other junk removal.
By creating a custom plan based upon a thorough analysis of your landscape’s existing soil and turf condition, we can reduce the cost of commercial landscape maintenance with a proactive plan to eliminate weeds and pests and maintain the cleanliness and appeal of buildings and hard surfaces.

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