With around 18,000 snow services performed annually, our team knows what it takes to forecast and prepares individual service plans to ensure your property receives the proper preventative maintenance and emergency services when needed.


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  • At DynaServ, we understand the impact of harsh deicing agents on the environment.
  • We aim to find the right combinations of salts, brines, and alcohols that are effective and environmentally sensitive to remove ice.
  • When weather permits, we implement the use of electric snow melters, to keep roads clear and accessible.

Snow Removal

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  • Man and vehicle-powered plows are used to create clearances for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Hauled snow is dumped in approved locations around your area.

Walkway Management

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  • Slip and fall claims are detrimental to any company. Let our walkway management service help prevent slip and fall claims!
  • We implement measures to keep walkways clear and de-iced as much as possible.
Our goal is to provide clearances that are passable and reasonably safe for pedestrian and vehicular traffic as much of the time as possible within the limitations imposed by weather conditions and the availability of equipment, material and personnel. Don’t let snow slow you down! Let us help you through this turbulent season.

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