No matter the size of the tree or shrub, we have the tools and the personnel to address your needs. Our experienced arborists get right to the root of your tree problems!

Tree Trimming

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  • Our team of landscaping professionals provide quality trimming and pruning services to sustain tree health, retain the trees’ natural appearance, and promote healthy growth.
  • No Tree is too tall! We have specialized vehicles, tools, and equipment which allow for us to provide upkeep to trees above 12 feet tall!

Tree Removal

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  • DynaServ’s team consists of Certified Arborists trained to perform tree risk assessments and create maintenance plans to promote the overall health and preservation of your trees.
  • Our Certified Arborists execute safe tree removal, trimming, and demossing services in collaboration with your local government to prevent environmental hazards and reduce the risk of accidental damages.

Tree Management

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  • Our professionals evaluate trees for potential risks and evidence of disease, diagnose tree disorders, and implement preventative and curative treatment plans to preserve the life of your trees.
  • DynaServ’s Certified Arborists provide treatment solutions including cable and brace installations to strengthen weak points of a tree and specialized fungicide injections to protect trees from infection.
Our licensed and experienced team are committed to providing high quality tree and plant health care services to maintain the structural integrity, shape, appearance and overall well-being of your landscape. You can count on us to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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